Tea Time With Hinagiku

The Packaging

The Packaging

Cup's Front


Back of Cup

Back of Cup

I finally got my Hinagiku Tea Cup from Hobby Search. Came pretty fast. Ordered on Tuesday and got here on Saturday in the same week. it was 760 yen plus 1680 yen for shipping. It was a little much for the shipping, but with this kind of speed it’s understandable. I was waiting for local sources to get this in, but after 4 months and no signs of hope, I decided to just go international for it. As for the cup, the front features Hinagiku’s cute mug (From Hayate no Gotoku for those who aren’t familiar with the series and if you aren’t you should check it out. It’s hilarious and full of parodies, check out both the anime and manga), and the back of the cup features the Hakuou Gakuen Emblem- tres elegant~! I was pondering on whether or not to use the cup because it was still so pristine. Finally common sense kicked in and I remembered I ordered the cup to use (because of a lack of elegant tea cups in my house) and I started my first tea time session with Hina-chan!!!

first cup of tea with Hina is always the best!!!

first cup of tea with Hina is always the best!!!


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