Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Ep. 6


The episode starts off with Jun’ichi and the student council taking a trip to Ayanokouji’s onsen resort. At the resort Jun’ichi has another “imouto” moment. The main story is mainly featuring the gang going to the “outdoor” onsen. Minato mentions that she hears a bear rustling in the bushes and proceeds to check it out, with Jun’ichi freaking out about the safety of his little sister. After checking in on her bathing with the bear, they all take a dip some pursuading Jun’ichi to bathe too since he seemed against it because the girls were there. While bathing Jun’ichi is tempted to peek on the girls and gives in and tries to peek only to discover the girls are no longer there. The episode ends with the girls asking Yuuhi about her relationship with Jun’ichi


Well that went about as well as any onsen episode goes with the usual plot twists. In all honesty it seemed like a filler episode, though I must state that for an onsen episode I am severely dissappointed with the lack of standard fanservice in this episode. Though I did  like the pestering of Yuuhi on what her relationship with Jun’ichi is. Well, there wasn’t really much to say for this episode seems to involve the school cutural festival and some cosplaying!!! That should liven things up, most definately the latter if anything!


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