CapcoManiax 2: Felicia

Felicia Square
Romanji Name: CapcoManiax 2: Felicia (Excellent Model Series)
Japanese name: フエリシア カプコマニアシクス2
Scale: 1/8
Manufactured by: Mega House
Release Date: September 28, 2008

At first glance, I was impressed by the overall composition of the figure. Not many figures are actually a part of a scene and this one is in a very dynamic pose. The painting for the skin tones is flat, but the shading on the hair and fur is more dramatic with a higher than usual contrast ratio between the base color and shadows. The eyes are well rendered with three tones of green a white highlight and hair thin details. I have always thought that the coolest physical feature on this character was her hair and this is the only production model to have the hair appear to flow free and wild. The rest of her features are greatly exaggerated, such as the extra large hands, feet, ears and all else, but this figure was meant to be dynamic and over-the-top so this style of caricature is well-suited to the composition. Most of the seams on this figure are invisible except for the thumb and pinky finger on the extended hand. Apparently, those had to be cast separate from the arm/hand and there is a distinct line where those fingers are joined. Overall, this is a great piece and is rather nice to look at.

I bought mine at Hobby Search. At the time that this post was written, it was sold out at Hobby Fan but they were planning on restocking.

Felicia Side View

Felicia Side View


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