Nekomiya Nono 1/6 figure from Kotobukiya

Nekomiya Nono 1/6
Romanji Name: Nekomiya Nono
Japanese name: 猫宮のの
Scale: 1/6
Manufactured by: Kotobukiya
Sculpted by: Masato Abe
Release Date: October 31, 2008

This is Jermz and from this point on, I’ll be covering everything that I find about catgirl related items and events. So to start things off, I’m going to say a few things about Kotobukiya’s latest release of a catgirl figure, Nekomiya nono. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Japanese figures, Kotobukiya is one of the largest companies in the business and consistently produces high-quality figures at a reasonable price. This particular one sculpted by Masato Abe, is rather well-done. The painting is fairly flat with few subtle highlights on the tips of the ears and hair and shadows rendered at the ends of the hair and on the stockings to give it an anime-style appearance. However, the folds of the stretched swimsuit and wrinkles on the stockings are very realistic. The pose is adorable and unlike several figures that I’ve seen that were inspired by 2d drawings, this one doesn’t rely on being view from one direction. The tilt of the head, slight twist to the hips and the wrap around tail provide several different viewable angles other than the straight ahead view. As far as manufacturing quality, the seem-marks are mostly invisible with the exception of the tail and top of the head, but they are more than tolerable since they are difficult to see. If you’re interested in this figure you can still purchase them from Hobby Fan.

There are tons of catgirl figures that have been released and several more that are being planned for release, so if I have more time, be on the lookout for more catgirl news.


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