Sairenji Haruna Animal Cafe Version

Sairenji Front View

Romanji Name: Sairenji Haruna (Animal Cafe Version)
Japanese name:
Scale: 1/8
Manufactured by: Shuesha Solid Selection
Produced by: Kotobukiya
Release Date: September 24, 2008

This is a cute character from the anime To-Loveる (which I haven’t seen, sorry). You might wonder why I like this one and not the Kannagi Nagi chacater because they both seem to have a boring pose. Well, this works well. The coy facial expression matches with the posture of the body while the Kannagi Nagi doesn’t seem to have any identifiable expression except a dumb smile. Also, for some reason, the flexing of the wrists makes her seem more cat-like, which adds to the charm. Despite the points this one earned for posture, it loses some on painting. The painting is absolutely flat without any depth at all.

This figure also has some features that I didn’t quite expect. First, the bell on her collar is a real bell that will ring if moved. Second, the ears are magnetic, so if for some reason, you didn’t want her to be a catgirl, you could remove them without having to worry about glue marks or scratches in the paint. But if you remove the ears, she still has a tail, right? Well, the tail is attached to the skirt, but if you wanted to you could just remove the skirt and heck, you could remove the top while you’re at it. For those of you with virgin eyes, you need not worry. She still is wearing somewhat of an undergarment that cannot be removed (and no, I did not attempt to try, it’s painted on)

I ordered mine on Hobby Search, but it can also be found at Hobby Fan.

Sairenji Back View


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