Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 8


The episode starts off with a scene from Jun’ichi and Tsukasa’s childhood with Jun’ichi looking a little beat up. The both say something to each other, but the words are overshadowed by the noise of a train. Suddenly we’re back at the school’s Athletics Festivel with Yuuhi running in a relay race with Jun’ichi in the octopus monster costume from episode 4 trying to pass the baton onto her. Yuuhi running away from him screaming prompts the crowd of men to run after her effectively plowing Jun’ichi to the side. Afterwards Mitsuki apologizes to Tsukasa for taking her place as commentator for the event due to Mitsuki being a little sick.

The scene shifts to Jun’ichi’s father and mother on the run from a Navy boat and a torpedo fires at the attacking ship. The scene shifts back to Jun’ichi walking home with Minato, Yuuhi, and Tsukasa. Tsukasa teases Jun’ichi and Yuuhi, and gives Jun’ichi some of the pictures she took of Yuuhi during the Cultural Festival. All this prompts Yuuhi asking Tsukasa how she’s put up with Jun’ichi all these years which leads to Jun’ichi telling Tsukasa not to say anything. Minato mentions it’s because Jun’ichi’s shy and that Tsukasa understands this. Yuuhi retorts that Jun’ichi is full of weak points and Tsukasa jokingly implies that she should mention some of them. Jun’ichi replies with revealing that Tsukasa “wanted to be a magical girl”. Jun’ichi clarifies that he means that Tsukasa had wanted to be a seiyuu when she was younger. Back at home, Tsukasa lies down on her bed and reminisces about how she practiced mimicking the movements from a magical girl anime with Jun’ichi and remarks that Jun’ichi still remembered those times together.

At school the next day Sugishita-sensei hands out forms asking the students what their future aspirations are. Tsukasa asks Mitsuki about her aspirations and she relies that she plans on moving on to college after she graduates. Aya replies that she wants to travel the world; Mitsuki then asks Tsukasa hat her goal is, and she hesitates. That night Tsukasa is at her computer and seems to have submitted something. Meanwhile at Jun’ichi is in his room looking at a “questionable” blog when Yuuhi catches him. Jun’ichi claims it’s Fuyuhiko’s, though Yuuhi is still a little skeptical. Tsukasa pays a visit to Jun’ichi’s room and Yuuhi goes and hides in his closet because no one’s suppose to know she lives with Jun’ichi and Minato. Tsukasa asks Jun’ichi to take a picture of her for an audition with her. Jun’ichi asks why him, and Tsukasa says it’s because it’s easier to ask him and that the audition has a swimsuit critereia. She then remembers that Minato had mentioned that Jun’ichi had a fetish for school swimsuits and asks him if it would’ve been better if Minato had worn one. Minato comes in and Jun’ichi imagines she’s in a school swimsuit. Minato and Tsukasa leave the room, leaving Jun’ichi with a somewhat mad Yuuhi who remarks that Jun’ichi likes school swimsuits.

The next day Tsukasa turns her form into Sugishita-sensei stating she wants to be a seiyuu. Jun’ichi meanwhile is in the student council room playing a board game with the student council discussing Tsukasa wanting to be a seiyuu. Fuyuhiko states that in terms of looks and ability, Tsukasa should have more than enough. In what follows is a montage of training Tsukasa is doing to be a seiyuu. Finally it’s the day of the audition and Tsukasa proceeds to wait her turn at the waiting room. Back at his home, Jun’ichi receives a message on his phone and he goes out to the bridge he and Tsukasa were at when they were younger. Tsukasa is surprised to see him, but Jun’ichi says it’s just a coincidence that he’s there saying that Minato called him to do some shopping. Tsukasa and Jun’ichi reminisce of when they were in the same spot when they were younger. Tsukasa says she was nervous at the audition and couldn’t speak properly, laughing it off. Jun’ichi says that he liked Tsukasa’s singing and dancing, he also notes that her singing and dancing once gave him courage. Tsukasa proceeds to cheer up shouting that she’ll try again. The episode ends with Minato and Yuuhi show up and proceed to also encourage Tsukasa. They all happily run off into the sunset.




Well that was a nice episode focusing on Tsukasa, it was no real surpise that she wanted to be a seiyuu considering her character. Everything was predictable, but I expect that with a series like this that’s based on a dating sim game. It’s not a bad thing. I really enjoyed seeing more of Tsukasa’s character and I think that Marina Inoue does a great job of bringing out her cheerful character. Of particular interest this time is that we find out that Jun’ichi is a school mizugi man. As far as fetishes go it’s not a bad choice, I myself am a meido man. I think I like a girl in a subservient role wearing frilly clothing, but I’m still not sure why I’m into that sort of thing. Jermz is into catgirls and PJ’s just always been ominous towards his preference. In any case next. Ah and the scene where Jun’ichi is going over the appeal of swimsuits in his head was awesome, surely what goes on in the mind of every fetishist.  I would like to close with that this picture of Tsukasa was cute beyond words that has been burned into my mind!


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