True Remembrance

It’s been awhile since I delved into the world of visual novels. Ever since altogether 2006 passed, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new visual novel to sink my teeth into. 2 long years have passed…and now it’s finally time for altogether 2008!! Woo hoo!


I don’t want to spend my time talking about the difference between an H-Game and a visual novel. In short, visual novels emphasize developing characters and stories rather than trying to get into a girl’s (or guy’s) pants. In other words, just imagine a novel with pictures and you probably have the idea what a visual novel is like.

Anyway, I just recently read through True Remembrance, a visual novel written by Shiba Satomi and translated into English by insani. As usual, the quality of the translation is awesome. It was released earlier this year on February, but I’ve only recently had a chance to check it out.

The premise of the story is simple with a few interesting twists. A girl named La is under the care of a Mnemonicide named Blackiris. She has a disease called the Dolor, which leads to psyche corrosion (which almost seems like a sort of depression). The disease had led to an increase in suicides throughout the world, so in response, Mnemonicides were created… memory killers. Their purpose is to erase the memories of those affected by the Dolor so they could live life again without the intense feelings of sadness those memories had created.

It has a surprising amount of depth to it There’s even some speculation about memories and the human brain. The art style has a warm feel to it, despite some of its darker themes. It also does a really good job of characterization. The story is told mostly through the first person perspective of Blackiris, but it also shifts between characters throughout the story. It’s interesting to see the internalization of thoughts and actions of some characters that were not necessarily understood by someone else. It’s also easy to empathize with the characters because they’re “human.” They all carry some sort of hardship or concern, but they still try to live their lives.

Oh, and like it says in the opening movie, nothing is what it seems. The story is also part mystery because there are many questions that aren’t immediately answered. It’s pretty much this drive to know more about the characters and their world that kept me hooked on it. And I loved every moment of it. The ending is a little bittersweet (more sweet than bitter I think), and it also has a surprise twist that will probably make you say “whoa” when you realize what’s happening.

Oh yeah.. the best thing about all of this is that it’s free. I’ve really come to appreciate the quality of these visual novel works because of that. People do this to tell a story, not to make money. Anyways, it’s hard to know which demographic to recommend this to because visual novels are a bit of a niche  in the English community.  Heck, if you like anime and/or you’re into more serious, dramatic, and thoughtful themes.. give it a try. You might like it.

You can download it on this website here.

True Remembrance



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