Virtual Maid ARis

The virtual maid

The virtual maid

Ohhhh man, just found this while casually shopping. As a maid-fetish man I felt it my obligation to speak of this awesome toy, that’s a must-have on any akiba-kei or maid lover’s christmas list! This handy little toy let’s you interact with a virtual maid! All you need is a webcam and you just aim the cam at the cube that comes in the box and your maid will come out of it with a stick for you to inteact and “play” with her. Sadly by the time I discovered this product, it was sold out, and it was a pre-order too. So all of you guys lucky enough to have one, by all means please share experiences with the maidless. Ah the website I intially found it on sale was http://www.toyslogic.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5537. It’s a great store for getting your character goods.

Ah and below is a sample of the dream that is having your own maid.


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