Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 9


Minato, Yuuhi, Tsukasa, and Karen are in the student council room having tea and eating cake made by Minato. Minato said she made the cake as practice for Jun’ichi’s birthday next week, which surprises Yuuhi a little. Karen and Mitsuki, start thinking about what to get Jun’ichi for a gift, though Yuuhi says that it’s unnecessary because it’s fine to just leave Jun’ichi’s birthday alone stating she has no interest in it. But everyone thinks she’s not being honest, though Yuuhi immediately gets defensive on the topic. She gets interrupted by Fuyuhiko though, when he suddenly comes in with news regarding Jun’ichi.

The news is in regards to a photo that was taken during the cultural festival, featuring Yuuhi and Jun’ichi had won the Best Amitie award. Sugishita-sensei comments that Yuuhi and Jun’ichi should be happy about winning the award, but Yuuhi gets upset about being grouped together with Jun’ichi which in turn causes Jun’ichi to get defensive. Mitsuki comments that arguing is a sign that they get along, though Jun’ichi and Yuuhi immediately deny it. Tsukasa comments that the photo is the one she took, and Minato points out the second photo of Sugishita-sensei holding Jun’ichi, though Tsukasa is surprised and unsure of how that got there. Fuyuhiko being quite distressed over this picture saying “My Jun’ichi”; Sugishita-sensei questions the context of this, declaring Fuyuhiko his “rival”, and Fuyuhiko saying he won’t hand over Jun’ichi. Yuuhi still upset over the first photo tells Jun’ichi to go die, with Jun’ichi declaring it’s not his fault. This leads to the girls going back to their comment that Jun’ichi and Yuuhi get along really well and Minato saying that it makes her happy that they do.

Later that night Minato tells Yuuhi she’s planning a surprise birthday party for Jun’ichi and wants her to help out; Yuuhi states that she has no interest in that, but Minato reminds her that she promised to help her. So Yuuhi reluctant agrees to help since its Minato’s request. Minato says that she’ll make a short cake for the party, and Yuuhi notes the notebook that Minato is reading off of and asks what it is. Minato states that it contains memos of Jun’ichi’s previous birthdays so that she can make next year’s even better. Minato then asks Yuuhi to prepare Jun’ichi’s main present, but Yuuhi is uneasy about it because the main present is special. Minato states it’s because of that she wants to have Yuuhi do it because she has a good sense of style. Hearing this, Yuuhi feels more confident about it and Minato reinstates that it’s going to be a secret. Meanwhile somewhere Jun’ichi’s parents are out “eliminating” a target when Jun’ichi’s mother reminds his father that tomorrow is Jun’ichi’s birthday. This gets him riled up and he rushes the job so that they can go quickly get a present.

The next day in class, Yuuhi is looking through a magazine for a gift Jun’ichi would like. Karen notices what Yuuhi is doing, and Yuuhi asks her if she’d know what kind of gift would make Jun’ichi happy. Karen proceeds to have a mountain of books gift ideas prepared for them to look through. They look through a few luxurious gifts such as expensive watches, cruisers, sports cars, thoroughbred, and mansions. Yuuhi asks how they’d get a thoroughbred to which Karen replies that her family has a farm that raises them. They touch on the idea of getting Jun’ichi a thoroughbred and imagine some interested images, and then Karen realizes that the best way is to investigate what Jun’ichi likes.

That night Yuuhi sneaks into Jun’ichi’s room while he’s away, and notices that Jun’ichi kept a photo of him and her that won the Best Amitie Award in a frame on a small table in his room. Yuuhi smiles at the site of it and says she has to hurry before he comes back, and immediately gets bothered by how messy his room is. Her attention then shifts to a cabinet with some figures in it, commenting that Jun’ichi is still a child. She picks up one of the figurines and then notices the one next to it which happened to be the Octopus monster from past episodes. She gets startled by it and drops the figure in her hand thus causing the parts to fall off, though Yuuhi quickly tries to put it back together. Though she succeeds, it’s in a different pose than before. Yuuhi then glances though Jun’ichi’s music collection and disappointed at his bad selection and then through his game collection surprised at the size of it. While looking though his games, she comes across of Junichi’s adult magazines. Yuuhi quickly puts it back and moves on to the next drawer which is full of watches and some magazines. Upon closer inspection Yuuhi is surprised at his selection in magazines and starts laughing. Yuuhi then notices the watches and notes that he has some nice watches, and quite a bit of jewelry.

Yuuhi concludes that Jun’ichi has everything and questions if there’s anything he needs. Yuuhi then moves on to the bookcase and notices more of Jun’ichi’s adult magazines and immediately screams and puts it back. After calming down somewhat she picks it back up and starts reading it. She eventually is caught by Minato who comments the magazine is one of Jun’ichi’s favorites and says that Yuuhi did a good job finding it. Minato then mentions that even though he doesn’t look it, Jun’ichi likes blonde, big-breasted girls. Minato then proceeds to show Yuuhi the rest of Jun’ichi’s adult magazine collection. Reading out the titles, Minato notes that Jun’ichi’s tastes have changed and asks Yuuhi if she wants to look at them too. Yuuhi says that she wants to see them a little and proceeds to look at them with Minato. After looking through the magazines Yuuhi notes that she wasn’t able to find any hints to finding a present for Jun’ichi, and that there’s nothing Jun’ichi wants. Yuuhi asks Minato for any hints, and Minato thinks about it and asks Yuuhi to help her make the birthday cake.

The next day Yuuhi and Minato kick Jun’ichi out of the house so that they can make the cake and instructs him to come back at 3pm, despite Jun’ichi already knowing what they’re doing. Jun’ichi comes back a little while later for his party. Fuyuhiko notes to Jun’ichi that his attitude is pretty calm to which Jun’ichi notes it’s because it’s his birthday. Yuuhi comments that the cake doesn’t look too good, and gets depressed because she tried hard on it. Nagomi then shows up with a present for Jun’ichi from his parents which turn out to be a giant totem pole; which Minato thinks will go great in Jun’ichi’s room, though he thinks otherwise. One of the mouths on the totem pole opens revealing a hidden present which is an opal ring, but it turns out it is a present for Minato. Jun’ichi comments that he was a fool to expect anything from his father. Nagomi tells Jun’ichi not to be like that, and says the she’s also his present changing from her delivery uniform to wearing nothing but ribbons tied in strategic places. She tells Jun’ichi that he can do whatever he wants to her. Karen then presents her present which is a bunch of wreaths with congratulations to Jun’ichi for his birthday. Afterwards Jun’ichi finds Yuuhi in the kitchen looking at the cake sighing. Jun’ichi tries the cake and smiles; everyone else finds them and tries the cake. Everyone else describes the cake as hard and Yuuhi tells Jun’ichi he doesn’t have to keep eating it, but Jun’ichi says it’s delicious because Yuuhi made it for him to which she smiles. Everyone else comments that it’s a good atmosphere and Yuuhi thanks Minato for the recipe later, though Minato sadly reminisces about a previous birthday where Jun’ichi said her cake was the best and wonders why she can’t be happy that Jun’ichi liked Yuuhi’s cake and also wonders what this feeling is.


Well that was quite an eventful episode. I loved the development that Jun’ichi and Yuuhi’s relationship got. As clichéd as it was, the scene where Yuuhi smiles after Jun’ichi says her cake was delicious because she made it for him warmed my heart. Having said that, this anime being based off of an eroge, the scene where Yuuhi looks at Jun’ichi’s adult magazine just brought up that type of scenario where girl looks at boy’s porn collection, boy catches her, they end up doing it. That aside my favorite part of the episode is hands down the part where Yuuhi and Minato look through Jun’ichi’s adult magazines. Traumatizing when it happens to you, but hilarious when it happens to someone else, the fact that Minato noticed that Jun’ichi’s “tastes” was hilarious. On that matter the ending reveals that Minato thinks of Jun’ichi as more than just a brother, and as the opening suggests she’s the second heroine. So maybe in the end it’ll be a choice of either Yuuhi or Minato that Jun’ichi will have to make, or he’ll since it’s that kind of a series maybe he can just choose both!

Rie Kugimiya does agreat job voicing Yuuhi, which is no surprise since she’s the queen (or princess rahter) of tsundere roles, though I like her role as Yuuhi in terms of tsundere since as Kurogane mentioned, it’s the first role in a long while that has a good balance of tsun and dere. I also gotta note Aya Hirano for her voicing Minato, it’s a different from what she usually does. It’s her “imouto” voice I suppose, which ironically sounds like Konata from Lucky Star, but well behaved and docile. It really sounds like a perfect “imouto” voice, at least for an imouto that’s between the ages of 13-16.

Having said all that, I’d like to end this post with a dedication to PJ with this Sugishita-sensei and Fuyuhiko’s fight over Jun’ichi picture.


4 Responses to “Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 9”

  1. 1 envyitachi89
    December 5, 2008 at 12:04 am

    Awesome, thanks for the summary since neither Aero or Eclipse has released the subs yet. Well, i’ve just watched episode 10 and just wow…. 10/10

  2. 2 mangamaxx
    December 5, 2008 at 12:52 am

    Yeah, I know how you feel. I love the series, and it’s great to see someone finally comment on the blog, though it has only been up for a week or 2. If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you find us? I’m still having trouble getting a post to appear in google.

  3. 3 envyitachi89
    December 6, 2008 at 12:47 am

    To answer your question, whenever i search up Akane iro ni Somaru Saka blog in google, it leads me to http://wordpress.com/tag/akane-iro-ni-somaru-saka/ and thats where i found this blog. So keep on trying, and eventually this blog may become something like Random Curiosity since you give a lengthy summary without the need of subs and you get it out pretty quickly. If you want I could recommend this blog at AnimeSuki since there is a thread for Akane iro and most people there are desperate to know what the characters are saying; maybe that would get you more comments. Well, I’m going to add this blog to my BookMarks now. Thanks for the hard work!

  4. 4 mangamaxx
    December 6, 2008 at 2:33 am

    Any advertising would be great thanks! I’m doing what I can to make this blog into something. I know it’s still a little early, but I still get excited about the prospect of more people viewing it. Any advertising you could for us would be more than welcomed! Just don’t spam anyone, lol.

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