Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 10





In a dark room, Naogomi is submitting a report on Jun’ichi) and Yuuhi; noting that Jun’ichi is a “carrier” and describing him as an interesting and clumsy person, and at times can be very kind. Meanwhile, Yuuhi is watching a romance movie on TV when Jun’ichi comes in wearing only a towel around his waist informing Yuuhi that the bath is now free. As Jun’ichi is being scolded by Minato to put on some pants, Yuuhi yearningly looks at him. Yuuhi enters the bath, and wonders why she’s thinking about Jun’ichi when he’s clumsy and unrefined.

The next day Yuuhi stays in bed, seemingly sick; Minato notes that Yuuhi probably won’t be able to go to school. Jun’ichi enters the room and Yuuhi frantically gets up and asks why he’s there. It turns out that Jun’ichi came to give Yuuhi her breakfast. Jun’ichi feels her forehead to which Yuuhi blushes embarrassed; Jun’ichi nonchalantly comments that there’s no fever and that she’ll get better. Yuuhi insists that she really isn’t feeling well, though Jun’ichi tells her that she’s pretty energetic. When Yuuhi asks where Minato is, Jun’ichi tells her that she went to school and that he’s still at home to look after Yuuhi. Yuuhi thinks to herself that it’s like Minato to do something like that so that she and Jun’ichi can be alone. Jun’ichi gets ready to leave for school telling Yuuhi to take care of herself and she should be better, but she grabs Jun’ichi’s sleeve to stop him from leaving; though she immediately pulls her hand back saying there’s no deep reasoning to her stopping him, just that she wants him to stay a little longer and Jun’ichi agrees to stay a little longer.

Yuuhi talks about how her fiancé was suddenly picked for her, and because of this she came to Jun’ichi’s house. Jun’ichi comments that despite why she came to his house, that’s in the past because she’s here now. Yuuhi replies that the incident on her first day at school was the worst and Jun’ichi tells her not to mention that since he doesn’t want to remember it. Yuuhi shouts that it was her first kiss and Jun’ichi responds that it was his first kiss too. They both pause a bit; before Jun’ichi says they should just forget about it. Yuuhi enforces the statement saying that it didn’t count then, Jun’ichi calls her an idiot and Yuuhi agrees saying that she doesn’t even know if a nice guy or a bad guy anymore. She goes saying she couldn’t believe he was her fiancé, and that’s why she came and asks why she can’t hate him as she remembers all the moments they shared together. Yuuhi shouts out that there’s nothing good about Jun’ichi while starting to cry and as she tells him to go die, Jun’ichi goes in and kisses her to which Yuuhi blushes.

Jun’ichi tells her to clearly make up her mind if she likes him or hates him saying that in the beginning he liked her when he first saw her. Jun’ichi goes on saying the incident in the classroom was because there were a lot of people there and that if he seems troubled it’s because he doesn’t know if he likes her or not either. At school Minato thinks to herself that it’d be nice if things went well for Jun’ichi and Yuuhi. Holding hands and looking at the clock, Jun’ichi comments that they’re definitely late. Yuuhi inquires on the previous kiss and Jun’ichi replies because of what she said, and Yuuhi responds that doing it because of that makes him the worst. The start to argue again, but before things escalate Jun’ichi pulls Yuuhi close to him. During all of this, Naogomi continues her report and describes how Jun’ichi and Yuuhi received the Best Amitie award and goes through some of the moments that Jun’ichi and Yuuhi shared together. During this she wonder, as a man and a woman, is this truly love or being lost? She goes on to say that her opinion is that Jun’ichi’s still too young.

At school Yuuhi, Minato, and Tsukasa are having tea when Tsukasa brings up how Yuuhi has gotten has gotten closer to Jun’ichi, to which Yuuhi asks how does Tsukasa know this. Tsukasa says her information network shouldn’t be underestimated, but when Yuuhi confirms it Tsukasa said she was only kidding and only wanted to confirm it. Tsukasa goes on to say it went just like how it went how Minato wanted, to which Minato comments that there were already signs of it as Yuuhi remembers how Yuuhi and Jun’ichi have been acting tense around each other lately. As Yuuhi’s reminiscing Minato tells to take good care of her brother, but as Yuuhi tries to deny any feelings Mitsuki comes in and tells her that she shouldn’t be like that since Jun’ichi is the type that likes having the girl take the lead. Minato says that it’d be good if Yuuhi and Jun’ichi can continue to get along well, and Yuuhi agrees and thanks Minato to whichi Minato replies that she’s cheering her on. Tsukasa quickly interrupt that saying that there are still quite a bit of girls aiming for Jun’ichi and if Yuuhi should let her guard down, he’ll get taken. Yuuhi acts surprised by this comment; and Mitsuki confirms it saying that Jun’ichi is pretty cool and Karen comes out from a bush and joins the conversation. She begins declaring Yuuhi to be her rival-in-love; Mitsuki then reveals that Yuuhi has been living in Jun’ichi’s house and Tsukasa also reveals that she knew as well; it seems the only person who didn’t know was Karen, who reinstates that Yuuhi is her biggest love rival.

Later Fuyuhiko asks Jun’ichi if it’s okay to go home with Yuuhi, to which Jun’ichi replies he’s tired from having everyone bug him about Yuuhi, seemingly upset that everyone knows that Yuuhi lives with him. Fuyuhiko says it’d be found out eventually though because Jun’ichi having a girlfriend is big news. Jun’ichi tries to avoid the subject, but Fuyuhiko remarks that that’s one of Jun’ichi’s bad points and remarks that it’s troubling because he knows Jun’ichi likes Minato. Jun’ichi replies that it’s obvious he likes Minato, because she’s his sister. Fuyuhiko responds by saying that Jun’ichi likes Minato as a love interest, and Jun’ichi will hurt Minato, Yuuhi and everyone else if he continues to ignore these feelings. Fuyuhiko goes on to say that Jun’ichi can do what he wants, but he’s know Jun’ichi since middle school and restates that if Jun’ichi really can continue seeing Minato as his sister.

Meanwhile, Yuuhi is on the rooftop when Naogomi turns up behind her asking if she’s worried. Naogomi ask her if she’s thinking about what Jun’ichi thinks of her, and Yuuhi confirms it. Yuuhi comments that it was easier when they just fought, and if it was going to be like this it might’ve been better if she never liked Jun’ichi. Naogomi responds that if that’s what her problem is, it’ll be fine if she just gets stronger. Later that night, Jun’ichi is laying down on his bed thinking about what Fuyuhiko said. Currently at this same time, Jun’ichi’s father is disarming a bomb, but gets it wrong.

A little later Yuuhi, covered in a blanket, is walking towards Jun’ichi’s room while remembering what Tsukasa was saying earlier about Jun’ichi being shy, how Mitsuki said she has to take the lead, Naogomi mentioning a “great mission”. Yuuhi knocks on door walks in; Jun’ichi is about to turn on the light, but Yuuhi stops him from doing so and asks if it’s okay to sit next to him which she does. Jun’ichi looks at Yuuhi while restraining himself and removes the blanket off of her, revealing her maid clothes. When Jun’ichi asks about it, Yuuhi says that Naogomi told her to do it; Jun asks why she did it, and Yuuhi responds because after she confessed she didn’t know what to do. Jun’ichi says that even so, it’s too much and asks if she’s really Katagir’s oujosama. This creates an uncomfortable pause, and Jun’ichi apologizes and says he also doesn’t know and says that he was happy when Yuuhi told him she like him and that he also likes her, but he doesn’t know what to do. Yuuhi smiles and remarks that Jun’ichi was also thinking about it. Yuuhi moves closer to Jun’ichi and remarks that she’s glad that Jun’ichi is such a good person and moves in to kiss him. Jun’ichi panics and is about to when Yuuhi quickly gets up and says she doesn’t need the maid outfit anymore to which Jun’ichi disagrees and Yuuhi kicks him; during this Minato is listfully looking at the moon.

The next day Yuuhi leaves for home and Minato comments how Yuuhi is different from when she first came. When they go back inside Minato burns the dinner, and Jun’ichi comments that this is the first time that has happened. Minato takes off her apron and comments that it’s been a long time since it was just the two of them as she sits down near Jun’ichi. Jun’ichi is surprised by this and remembers what Fuyuhiko said earlier about seeing Minato as his sister. Jun’ichi tells Minato that he properly said he was going out with Yuuhi and Minato congratulates him while collapsing on Jun’ichi. Jun’ichi tells her she shouldn’t because she’s his sister, but Minato says that just for a while to forgive her for her actions. While this is happening Naogomi continues her report saying that at times, Jun’ichi’s kindness is without meaning ending with a cut of Yuuhi.





Wow! That was a heck of an episode! We finally see Yuuhi and Jun’ichi get together, and at the same time there’s the issue of Minato. There are so many things going on and it seems like it all these elements will converge together next episode.


Having gotten that out of the way……….


Maid outfits are moe~

Maid outfits are moe~

What’dya mean you don’t need the maid outfit anymore!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Jun’ichi, the maid outfit is fierce, and Yuuhi pulls it off so wonderfully. Nice job Naogomi! Surely you know what lurks in the hearts of men! Let’s talk voice acting now, I loved hearing Rie Kugimiya’s rarely heard dere dere voice, aaaaaah it melts my heart. The ending sounded great too, I believe this week’s was Aya Hirano’s Mezamenai Wish and it sounds fantastic! It has a serene sound to it and gives me a great feeling after watching the episode; I gotta get the CD now for love of the song and love of the singer/seiyuu. Aya Hirano fans of the world UNITE!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 10”

  1. 1 envyitachi89
    December 5, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Woot, thanks for the summary, please complete it. I watched this episode about 5 times already since it was great, finally some plot advancement.

  2. 2 12Sakura
    December 7, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Woohoo thanks for the long summary. Cleared up a few questions.My japanese is just good enough to understand about 60% of the episode only …. Anyone got any ideas what was being said in the preview for the next episode?
    hmmm…a lot of story developments in this one episode but i think i still stand for JunxYuuhi. Kyaaaaa really wanna see Jun chose Yuuhi over Minato.Hope they give a proper ending for this anime rather than keeping it an open ending (*_*)

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