To Heart 2 – 1/7 Tamaki Kosaka Maid Ver. PVC Figure Review

I got this figure in the mail after an impulse buy while Christmas shopping.
But that monetary loss is a gain for the blog and my heart!

The figure is Kousaka Tamki or Tama-nee from the PC game, manga, and anime: ToHeart 2. This particular figure is a maid cosplay version.  For those of you that wish to learn more about this series, you can start here. You can also check out here for the manga.

Take a good look boys and girls, for a PVC the detail on this figure is quite high, the pose is top notch, and the look and detail  found on the face is is something I’d normally find on a good resin figure. At a price of $84.99 I think the cost is quite worth what you’re getting (if you can afford it anyways).  Oh, before I end this post, there is one little surprise about this figure that I found out once I got it out fo the box…..

Yes, its soft, pointy, and squishy!!!!

Yes, it's soft, pointy, and squishy!!!!


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