Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Ep. 11



At Yuuhi’s mansion she and her father are discussing Yuuhi’s evaluation of Jun’ichi, and Yuuhi says that she accepts Jun’ichi as her fiancé. Though it isn’t because her father decided for her, it is because she fell in love with Jun’ichi. Back at the Nagase residence Jun’ichi is remembering the incident with Minato from last week. Yuuhi arrives at the doorstep of the house while remembering her kiss with Jun’ichi. Upon arrival back in the house, she and Jun’ichi continue their usual habit of arguing though albeit playfully now, though Yuuhi notes that something strange is going on between Minato and Jun’ichi and asks Minato if something interesting happened while she was away. Later that night Yuuhi enters Jun’ichi’s room and directly tells him she hates secrets and asks what happened yesterday. Jun’ichi tries to change the subject, but Yuuhi angrily tells not to change the subject. She says she doesn’t understand, but something in her heart is hurting and telling her something is going on. Jun’ichi holds her and tells her everything is fine, and Yuuhi notes that yesterday she liked Jun’ichi and it felt like heaven, but today feels dark. Yuuhi goes on to say that she’s shown everything to Jun’ichi and asks that he do the same and again asks what happened with him and Minato. Jun’ichi’s silence tells Yuuhi that something did happen, but Jun’ichi says it was just something small. This angers Yuuhi and causes her to leave the room crying saying she hates Jun’ichi.
At School it’s apparent that there’s some distance between and Fuyuhiko and Tsukasa wonders what happened between them and Tsukasa asks Yuuhi to which Yuuhi says nothing and it’s her rule that no matter what happens to say “It’s nothing”, referring to Jun’ichi. Later that day Mitsuki is holding a meeting with Minato, Tsukasa, Karen, and Naogomi in regards to Jun’ichi and Yuuhi. Karen objects to it because she’s Yuuhi’s love rival, but Naogomi rejects that idea. Mitsuki asks Minato how things are at home between Jun’ichi and Yuuhi Karen ends up imagining that they’re doing perverted things, to which Naogomi replies that usually people that imagine others doing perverted things are the most perverted. The rest of the meeting continues with each girl bluntly expressing what she thinks is going on till Yuuhi comes in and interjects, and Yuuhi ends up joining the meeting. They end up discussing Jun’ichi’s and Yuuhi’s fight, and Mitsuki asks what happened. Though Yuuhi replies that her and Jun’ichi fighting has been a normal occurrence up until now, though Tsukasa replies that lately they’ve been in a love love relationship. When Tsukasa asks Minato if she knows what’s going on, Yuuhi covers for Minato saying that it’s just her being unable to be honest with herself. Yuuhi ends the meeting at that though everyone wonders if it’s okay. As it gets cloudy later that day, Naogomi is up on the roof of the school communicating with somebody through some type of transmitter asking that they watch the upcoming trial. It begins to rain and Jun’ichi starts rushing home till some men in black who tell him to come with them as they explain that his father sent them stop him.
At the Nagase house Yuuhi arrives home drenched and Minato greets her with a towel; a phone call comes to Minato from Jun’ichi informing her that he’s unable to make it home right now do to their parents.  Yuuhi is surprised that Jun’ichi’s parents are back and asks Minato if it’s okay for her not to be with them. Minato remarks that it’s okay for just Jun’ichi to be with them and it’s just her and Yuuhi at home tonight. While in the car, Jun’ichi remarks on how when his parents come back they just send a fancy car to pick him up and asks what’s going on complaining about the situation, but remarks that it’s always been like this. One of the men asks Jun’ichi if it’s okay for Minato not to be with him, but Jun’ichi remarks that he’s the only one that needs to meet their father and that it’s because Minato is his precious sister. At home, Minato and Yuuhi are cooking curry for dinner and reminisce about the first time Yuuhi made curry. During the conversation Minato notes that she didn’t think that Jun’ichi and Yuuhi would get along so well at first, and Yuuhi agrees and mentions that she’s never had a lot of friends back at home and feels that being with Minato, Jun’ichi, and everyone she feels she can be herself for the first time. Yuuhi goes on saying that she never thought that she would not only find someone to love in this house in Jun’ichi, but also a best friend in Minato.
Hearing this Minato’s heart wavers and she drops a dish, and Yuuhi comments that Minato has been a little out of it lately. While eating dinner Minato comments that there’s nothing left for her to teach Yuuhi on making curry anymore. Meanwhile Jun’ichi is being taken further and further and he asks just how much further is he going to be taken. After finishing dinner Yuuhi comments it’s a shame that Jun’ichi isn’t there to eat because she was finally able to make good curry, but Minato reassures her that there’s still some left in the in the pot. Yuuhi comments that this will be her last meal in the house then stating that with Minato’s parents back she won’t be able to stay in this house anymore. Minato says it should be fine because her parents will just pack up and leave again, but Yuuhi says it’s not just that, it’ll just be harder on the three of them if she continues to stay there.
Minato apologizes saying it’s her fault because Yuuhi is Jun’ichi’s fiancé, but Yuuhi says that’s no longer the case because she believed that things would go well with Jun’ichi implying she knows that something was going on with Jun’ichi and Minato. Minato apologizes to Yuuhi, but Yuuhi says it’s not necessary and says that the most frustrating thing is Minato and Jun’ichi lying. Yuuhi continues saying that she loves Jun’ichi, she also loves Minato; and asks that even so why did they lie to her, why didn’t they have faith in her, and why did they carry all this by themselves.  Crying, Yuuhi asks Minato to speak her true feelings to her.  Beginning to cry Minato tells Yuuhi that she loves Jun’ichi; smiling Yuuhi remarks that she finally said it. Minato apologizes for keeping silent about it all this time, and Yuuhi tells her she forgives her. Minato continues saying she didn’t know what to do, that even though she and Jun’ichi are siblings; Yuuhi forgives all these things, but Minato says that she shouldn’t forgive everything, but Yuuhi says if she forgives it, it’s forgiven. Being held by Yuuhi, Minato asks if it’s okay because it’s not fair, but Yuuhi says it’s okay because there’s no right or wrong in love. Though she comments that she should focus her anger on Jun’ichi for causing his cute sister such trouble.  Minato comments that whether Jun’ichi is a good person or not, the two of them know that the best, but Yuuhi comments it’s mysterious that the two of them love him. Yuuhi tells Minato that she’s glad she was able to talk with Minato and comments that it’s stopped raining. At a base, Jun’ichi meets his parents while they’re landing; all the while Naogomi is on a power line putting a communication device away.

Well wow, that was a powerful episode! While the resolution to Minato and Yuuhi both liking Jun’ichi came fast, it’s understandable; they went about it in a great way with both Minato and Yuuhi properly conveying their feelings to each other. With the two girls crying and how Yuuhi was holding Minato, you can really feel how close to each other they are. In some ways you could mistake the two for sisters in terms of their relationship. There was a lot of exploration into Minato’s relationship with Jun’ichi and even more-so into Minato’s relationship with Yuuhi. I can’t express how much I liked how they focused on Minato and Yuuhi’s relationship getting closer and how they shared their feelings with each other.
That said, there are some questions left for us towards the end of the episode regarding Jun’ichi’s parents and Naogomi. Is Naogomi perhaps an agent working for Jun’ichi’s parents? Or perhaps she’s an alien? There’s an image of a UFO in the opening so I’ve been wondering if that plays a part in the story at all. I’ve also been wondering if the anime studio is working an original ending or going with an established scenario from the game ( I wouldn’t know, I haven’t played the game). I initally suspected we were in for this ending:

Jun'ihci and Yuuhi's wedding in the game

Jun'ihci and Yuuhi's wedding in the game

Before I forget, I’ve thought this for a while, but Naogomi is pretty cute! (by the way if anyone wants the HCG and doesn’t know where to look, I’ll post up a link if I get enough requests. So if you know somone that would be interested in that tell them to express their wish, or yours by having them comment or maybe i’ll turn it into a poll…….we’ll see)

Naogomi's bento~ aaaaah

Naogomi's bento~ aaaaah


8 Responses to “Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Ep. 11”

  1. 1 envyitachi89
    December 12, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    I’m still hoping that Yuuhi wins, YUUNICHI FTW. Ugh, the last episode is in the week of my finals, so I have something to be excited and depressed about, Awesome.

  2. 2 Van
    December 13, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Thanks for the summary, i watched the raw episode and got desperate to knew what they talk about (do not understand japanase) so i’m looking forward to the last half.

  3. 3 Van
    December 13, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    By the way ep11 is supposed to come out next week, right?

  4. 4 Van
    December 13, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    oops, i mean ep12…

  5. 5 envyitachi89
    December 14, 2008 at 12:22 am

    Episode 12 should come out next week; hopefully episode 12 will clear out all questions that are left behind by this episode.

  6. 6 Van
    December 14, 2008 at 2:08 am

    Great review!!!.
    Many thanks for clarifing the episode to us all, i agree the episode was EPIC, and was frustrated by only imagining what they were saying until Eclipse releases the subs (probably on Monday).

    Because of this frustration i’m thinking in learning japanese 🙂

  7. 7 Van
    December 14, 2008 at 2:12 am

    +1 on the Game.

  8. 8 envyitachi89
    December 14, 2008 at 3:10 am

    Wasn’t the PS2 ending where Yuuhi found Junichi and Minato in an compromising situation and runs out, then Junichi chooses either to chase Yuuhi or kiss Minato? Maybe we’ll have an ending where Junichi wants to chase Yuuhi but is stopped by Minato and has choose who he wants to be with. Hopefully, this won’t be like the School Days ending….’shiver’.

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