I just got a chance to try out the recent PSP game, Dissidia : Final Fantasy, and I have to say that I’m addicted to it. Right now the game is only out for Japan, but the game is set for a US release around mid-July. You don’t need to know Japanese to enjoy the game, but it does help a lot, especially when setting specific skills to certain characters.

To begin, Dissidia is an action fighting game, but with Final Fantasy characters from I to XII to choose from. It’s also not like the traditional 2D fighting game, as this game uses a 3D environment. It’s a bit like that arcade game, Virtual On. It features a fast paced, 1 on 1 battle system where the characters run around on the stage and attack each other. The controls aren’t too complicated and it’s fairly intuitive. You use the PSP analog stick to move around, the X button to jump, the square and circle buttons to attack, and the triangle button to do special movements (like running up walls and dashing at your enemy). There are two ways to attack your enemy, by either pounding away at their HP, or by damaging their BP. HP are the standard health points which you have to deplete to 0 in order to win. BP stands for brave points, which is basically the character’s offensive attack power. By attacking BP, you subtract the enemy’s BP while adding to your own. The amount of BP you have is the amount of damage you would do with an HP attack to the enemy. Make sense? Ah well… it’s probably not as complicated as I made it sound.

What I like about the game is that it gives a chance to actually play my favorite Final Fantasy characters in an action-based environment instead of just commanding them to “Attack.” There’s a whole variety of different customizations you can do and many different things to level up. Characters learn new attack and support skills, and there are plenty of items and equipment to find. The story seems pretty decent (from what I can tell from my limited knowledge of Japanese), and it’s cool to see all the characters interact with each other. Overall, I think Final Fantasy fans will love this game. I’m just eagerly awaiting the US release so I can actually understand everything…


Plenty of Matrix-like moments as you dash along walls and fly across wide chasms.


Sephiroth looking badass as he finishes off Squall.




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