Hatsune Miku : Project DIVA Preview

Aaah, I just can’t wait till this game comes out! It’s a PSP game that features Hatsune Miku! What surprises me is that Sega is in charge of the project. (Yay Sega!) From the looks of it, it’s a rhythm game with some room customization features. I’d assume that as you play the game, you earn points to get more things for your room…. Seems simple, yet addictive.


I’m glad to see Hatsune Miku in her own game. Since the release of Vocaloid 2, she’s had a giant growing fanbase (Just check Nico Nico Douga or Youtube and you’ll see tons of videos with her, all mostly fanmade).

Release date says it comes out sometime in 2009. No exact date yet it seems… but I’ll be sure to get it once it comes out! I’ll put out a review once I get a copy.

Hatsune Miku : Project Diva Website (JP) – http://miku.sega.jp/


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