Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) scans

Got a new scan for the upcoming Monter Hunter 3 for the Wii! Click on the thumbnail for a better look!

On the top, we see the new T-rex… *AHEM* I mean the rock-like Boruborosu. That thing looks huge, doesn’t it? Reminds me a bit of our old friend, the rocky Basarios, from Monster Hunter 2. That desert looks hot… remind me to bring lots of cold water along with me when I fight that thing.

On the bottom, we have our fishy friend, the Ragiakurusu! What do you think about a showdown between the Plesioth and this guy? Looks like he’ll be a pain to fight, being underwater and all. I don’t see how hunters can still swim underwater while carrying a gigantic sword… and also swing at the monster with enough force to kill it… but hey, I won’t complain.

Oh, the monster in the middle looks like the Rathian. She’s back to say hello to us again. See, she’s smiling at us! My… what big teeth… and fiery breath you have…

Looks like Monster Hunter 3 will be awesomely fun. Just hope it gets brought over to the US.

Oh, and the second page is another scan with Monster Hunter G and プンコちヤん!

Let’s enjoy hunting, みなさん!!!


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