Yes! IDOLM@STER SP for psp has just been released a few days ago! February 19, 2009 in Japan, to be exact. (That’s the trailer up there by the way..) They released three separate games, each with three different (or with the case of the twins, four) idols to choose from. I’m still deciding which version I should get. Personally, I’m a fan of Yukiho, so I’ll probably get Wandering Star.

Perfect Sun has Haruka, Yayoi, and Makoto.

Missing Moon has Chihaya, Azusa, and Ritsuko.

Wandering Star (or is it Wondering Star?) has Yukiho, Ami/Mami, and Iori.

There’s also talk about a 4th(!!!) release that will have Miki and two NEW idols. Yikes. I don’t have enough money to buy all of them.. *sniff*  Heck, I even heard of PSP-PS3 compatibility, but this feature seems likely only in Japan. =(

The game is mostly sim-based, where you play as the manager to raise and manage the girl’s stats as an idol.  It’s -almost- like a dating-sim if you ask me. As you progress through the game, you’re given a variety of ways on how to respond to them. You can be a kind-hearted manager, or you can even be a lewd one if you choose. Through the various ways you interact with the girls, their stats change. You can see the results of your efforts by watching them perform their songs.

Oh, if you don’t know much about the characters, here’s a subbed video/music video to help you get better acquainted with them.

Oh, the video is HD, so click on the link if you want to read the subs..


Seeing how popular IM@S and the psp are in Japan, I’m interested to see just how well it’ll sell. What do you think? I’m pretty sure this game appeals to many otakus out there!


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