Happy Belated Birthday Hina-chan~!!!

Card in Hinagiku's Character Album (MUST BUY )

Card in Hinagiku's Character Album (MUST BUY )

Cover of Hina-chan's CD, and she has a Touch!!!

Cover of Hina-chan's CD, and she has a Touch!!! The iTouch is now the official mp3 player of the Hinagiku fanclub!

I can’t believe I forgot Hinagiku’s birthday T_T. Really missed it by a few days as it’s on March 3rd and I was a little preoccupied by work and school, but that’s no excuse! Missing the big day by few as well, scanlator FOOLRulez released the “White Day mini arc” of the Hayate no Gotoku manga.

A few highlights of the arc, and I gotta tell ya, I really like the choice in images FoolRulez used for the credits pages, truly  of 2 nosebleeds worth of approval there and that’s a  lot for a non-ecchi image. Basically in this little arc, Hinagiku is regretting not giving Hayate any chocolate on Valentine’s Day since he has no obligation to get her something in return on White Day. Hayate has his own problems with White Day because he doesn’t know what to get Nishizawa. Well, typical Hayate antics and misunderstanding ensues. The real highlight of this arc is the small developement we get with Hayate and Hinagiku. That and that smile of Hina’s when she receives Hayate’s White Day present……….Beautiful!


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