Street Fighter 4: Lucky Star Style!!!!

Ok, I got a my April Comptiq copy in yesterday. There’s lots of great stuff in it I’ll post on later, but there was one thing in it I had to post up almost immediately!!! (Would’ve been immediately, but scanner problems) Take a good look at the scans boys and girls, that’s Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki dressed up for Street Fighter 4!!!

Somehow I feel it's ironic that Konata's Guilelucky-star-street-fighter-4-b

Somehow I feel it's ironic that Konata's Guile

Wow, so as you can see we got Konata as Guile, Kagami as Ryu, Tsukasa as Ken, and Miyuki as C. Viper. Can’t help wonder if they made Kagami and Tsukasa Ryu and Ken cause of the whole twin thing. I’m thinking though that if Konata was casting, we’d have Kagami as Blanca right? Can’t help thinking who the other characters would be, it’s gonna take some thought but I have a feeling about Patricia Martin as Sakura. Well in any case, I’ll continue scanning Comptiq and post it up later, enjoy the scans!!!! Looking at it has inspired me to switch from using Sakura and Gen to Guile!!!


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