Dengeki Gs April 2009 Issue


Cover of this month's features Mai from Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na

Cover of this month's features Mai from Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na



The extra for this month is a mini figurine of Feena.



One of the features of this month is the making of the figure

As you can see here the process starts with the creation of the prototype using molding clay and wire for support. Then each individual piece is molded, then colored and the the details on the face are done using decals made from the computer. Then mass production happens. On the last page you can see the figurines for this month in Dengeki Gs and Dengeki Hime (post for this coming up) featuring Feena Schoolgirl ver. and Cynthia respectively, and next month in Gs and Hime Estel and Beach Feena respectively. I’m pretty impressed at the process it takes to make one of these figures and the fact that it probably happens fast since they’re doing 2  for this month then another 2 next month. Wonder what the value of the prototype is? Well I know it’s a little fast, but based on the 1 person who actually voted I’ll be handling magazine posts in mini batches with trying to keep relevant articles together and putting everything else with the main magazine post. I’ll post the rest up the stuff in this issue in relevant batches.


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