Comptiq March 2009 Issue: Pt 2 The Swag

Hello, here’s part 2 of my little overview of the March 2009 Comptiq Issue. The goodies for this time includes a set of Lucky Star Pencils. 


the packaging

the packaging



the pencils

the pencils


They’re like fortune pencils, but it’s kind of a shame to use them; they just look so nice. It’s a shame to break up the set, but I did make something equivalent to a promise to give some of these to some friends. Since I am breaking up the set I do have Akira free and I’m considering raffling it off if anyone’s interested in it. Problem is I don’t have a 100% random one of choosing someone so if someone gives a good suggestion or if we go by a first come first serve………well I guess I’ll decide on it based on the response I receive. In any case I do realize the irony of giving out the Akira as these are fortune telling pencils that are only useful for fortune telling as a set. I just find that when dealing with forces of the supernatural, that it’s best to seperate its power for no one man is capable of fully wielding it…………………..or something like that. Well I’m off to work on the next post.


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