K-ON! Episode 1


Cagayake! GIRLS by Aki Toyosaki with Yoko Hikasa, Satomi Satou and Minako Kotobuki




Don’t say ”lazy”” by Yoko Hikasa with Aki Toyosaki, Satomi Satou and Minako Kotobuki


Yui wakes up late and rushes to school one morning arriving at 10 past 8 only to realize she forgot today was the day of opening ceremony; she’s able to sneak into line and gets excited as she realizes she’s in high school now. As Yui is walking around campus she gets mobbed by a gang of clubs who hand her recruitment flyers. A short while later  she notices some recruitment flyers from the school clubs; as she’s looking at the posters she remembers a conversation she had with her childhood friend Nodoka about joining a club, and how Yui is being indecisive on what to join with Nodoka commenting that this is how people become NEETs. The conversation ends with Yui still wondering what club she should join. Elsewhere on campus Ritsu asks her friend Mio to join her in the Light Music Club (keiongaku = K-ON), but Mio informs her that she’s decided to join the literature club and shows Ritsu her sign-up sheet; to which Ritsu responds by ripping it up and drags Mio with her. Ritsu is informed in the teacher’s lounge that the Light Music club is about to be suspended as there are no members; during the conversation Yui comes in to receive some paperwork, but fumbles and spills the stack of copies everywhere leaving a bad impression on Ritsu. As Mio is about to take the news that the club will be suspended as an OK to join the Literature Club, Ritsu stops her and comments that if there aren’t any members, would that make her the president if she joined. As Yamanaka-sensei and Yui are walking up the stairs, Yamanaka-sensei explains to Yui what the Light Music Club is. After School, Ritsu waits in the club room for new members; eventually someone comes in to observe the club. Ritsu enthusiastically runs over to her and asks her if she wants to join the club and badgers her into joining when the newcomer says she was going to enter the Chorus Club. Mio eventually pulls her away telling her she’ll scare off applicants and tells Ritsu she’s leaving. This causes Ritsu to ask Mio if she forgot the promise they made to make a band with Ritsu being the drummer and Mio being bassist, and reminds her of the day they promised to make a band at a concert. Mio then informs her that everything she just said is false, and corrects her stating that it wasn’t a concert but a concert on TV they were watching and it wasn’t a promise but Ritsu insisting they should start a band. This causes the girl, who’s name is Tsumugi Kotobuki, to giggle as she remarks that its seems like a fun club and says that she can’t play anything but the keyboard, but she’ll join the club if that’s ok. Meanwhile, Yui still can’t decide on which club to enter. 


  At a fast-food place, Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi are sitting down to eat and discuss club plans. Tsumugi is happy since this is her first time she’s eaten at a fast food place which surprises Mio and Ritsu. Getting back to conversation, Ritsu tells them that they need one more member in order to be recognized as a club before the end of the month and recommends making some kind of special offer for joining such as ice cream or helping with homework. Mio declines the idea, and the three try to think up other ideas. Eventually they decide to make recruitment posters, so the three of them make their own poster and present it to each other the next day. They decide to go with Tsumugi’s since it’s the most normal and overall best one. Time passes and there’s only a week till the end of April and there are still no new members. Outside Yui sees the poster for the Light Music Club and thinks back to her time in kindergarten playing the Castanet and thinks of joining the club. Nodoka however questions if Yui has a misconception of what the club is and surmises from the poster that it’s more of a band and asks Yui if she can play any instruments to which Yui responds castanets; Nodoka, disillusioned comments that it suits her. Back at the club room Yamanaka-sensei hands Ritsu the application form for Yui and Ritsu gets excited at the prospect of a new member and quickly gets disillusioned that Yui’s a guitarist. On the way to the club room Yui imagines what the members of the club are like and gets caught up in her imagination of heavy metal scary guys and gets scared in front of the room. Ritsu finds her in front of the club and remembers her for her clumsiness back in the teacher’s lounge and asks her what she’s doing. Ritsu figures that she’s the Yui from the application and invites her into the club room; during some tea and cake Yui comments on how the cake is good and wonders if she should join or not. Ritsu asks her what kind of music she likes to play, her favorite band, and favorite guitarist; Yui tries to tell them that she can’t play the guitar, but her stuttering leads to the misconception that she’s a Jeff Beck fan. As the misconceptions continue Yui is finally able to say that she’s not going to join the club after all and informs them that she can’t play the guitar and initially thought they played different instruments. Not wanting to lose their first prospective member Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi try tempting Yui with prospects of snacks if she joins the club. They try striking up a conversation with Yui, but all of Yui’s answers give the impression that Yui is sort of an unmotivated person. As Yui tries to leave, Ritsu stops her and begs her to stay and everyone tells Yui she can stay and do nothing or eat snacks all they; they just want her to stay. Yui gets disheartened by this and begins to cry and apologizes for giving them false hope; the other girls regain their composure and apologize to Yui for pressuring her and offer to perform for her to which Yui gladly, and quickly, accepts. 


  After the performance Yui enthusiastically tells them that their performance wasn’t terribly great, but it looked really fun and agrees to join the club. Ritsu takes a picture of all of them to commemorate the birth of the club and Yui asks if she can be the manager of the club since she’s not good with instruments, but since it’s not a sports club it’s not possible. Tsumugi recommends that Yui take this opportunity to learn the guitar; Yui is hesitant, but everyone says they’ll help her learn and Yui says she’ll do her best. Yui continues saying that the earlier performance has made her think she can do it too. During lunch Yui is telling Nodoka that she’s joined the Light Music Club and Nodoka asks Yui if she’ll have to buy a guitar; which leads to a conversation where Yui thinks a guitar is $50 and Nodoka wonders if the Light Music Club will be alright with Yui in it.




Well that had a great start for the anime; it’s different from the first chapter of the manga in that they showed how Ritsu and Mio met Tsumugi and built the basics of the K-ON club (maybe to save time and space I should refer to the Light Music Club as just K-ON from here on out). Well this anime has been out a while and I’m sure a lot of people have already watched it, but I still wanted to blog it. So far looks like Mio is the number one girl to watch out for as everyone online seems to love her and I’m know exception. Checking around it looks like there’s already a few doujinshis of K-ON and I saw a picture of Mio on Happy Water’s site for those who are familiar with that doujin circle. So far Yui is a pretty unmotivated character, kind of like a slacker but with less motivation; however, I gotta say that I love her facial expressions and overactive imagination and Aki Toyosaki’s voice fits her personality perfectly. I love the ending for this series too in both images and the song itself; it’s catchy (either that or I’m a sucker for Mio in Goth loli clothing, and why does the picture of Tsumugi in the ending remind me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Could just be the style they used to dress her up). In any case it’s a good start for the series, and I’m hoping that as a music newbie they’ll explain a few things since Yui is also a newbie. I was talking with PJ and this series piqued his interest since he’s a music-man so he’ll probably take over blogging this series; which is great for me since it opens up a new blog slot for me, so I hope you all will support him if he takes the series.





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