Giant Robots are a Man’s Romance!!!

The Kabutom RX03

The Kabutom RX03

Ok, I don’t know if anyone has checked out the story at AltJapan, but apparently a Japanese man built a large scale mech/tank in the shape of a Kabuto beetle. This behemoth has working legs and even wheels to boot! All I can say is bravo! This man built the stuff dreams are made of! It kinda reminds me of Atlus’ game Drone Tactics; it’s not so surprising since the inspiration is from the same place. I really am amazed at this, it’s like a legendary life-sized scale Gunpla being put together; Also look at the design of it! The man who built it clearly knows his mech designs as he took the trouble to color it add some things for aesthic apeal; can’t blame him, if you’re gonna build a giant robot, do it right! This is like “one small step for man, one giant leap for Giant Robot fans” kinda moment. I don’t want to push it, but all we need right now is a transforming robot, or dare I say a robot made of 5 smaller robot/cars or beetles? But right!? We’re getting close to jets and cars that transform, heck if we can put in a nuclear engine in that beetle and give it a few transformation options; the dream would be now! Well, we’ve gotten this far; so it’s only a matter of time right? Well hats off to the Japanese man who made this; I hope my fellow American readers who are capable will see this and get inspired! Do I hear life scale MechWarrior Mechs? or ExoSquad E-Frames in the works anyone?





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