Circus Watch: Is Circus gonna be at AX this year?

This is the scene that starts off Da Capo in my mind

This is the scene that starts off Da Capo in my mind

As some of you may know; a long while ago Broccoli Books left the US market. This is a loss for a lot of us, but there’s another effect this has. As some of you are aware, in past years at AX Circus has made  appearances to mingle with fans. During these times Circus was sharing a booth with Broccoli; which makes sense as the two companies have worked together (i.e. True Tears game) in the past. However, since Broccoli has dropped out of the American market does that mean that Circus won’t be coming to AX this year? That’s a tricky question, I’ve checked AX’s exhibitor’s list and Broccoli nor Circus is listed. But I checked Comic-con’s exhibitor’s list and I found that Broccoli Books is sharing a booth with Aurora Publishing. It could be a typo, or it could be that Broccoli still exists in some small form as a convention retail store. I’m hoping against hope though that it means that Circus will still come to AX this year; the reason being that since their last visit, their game Da Capo has been released to English speaking markets via mangagamer. As some of you may recall my rant; Circus was discussing the possibilities of limited edition sets for their games and such coming to the US market. Though that is pending on how the success of their games selling in English markets goes. It certainly makes sense from a business standpoint, and I wanted to hear from them (now that their game is selling in English markets) if they’re selling well enough to consider offering some of those extra merchandises to us English speakers. If I find any information on whether Circus will be at AX I’ll post it up; if anyone knows anything, then by all mean please let us know ( or let me know and I’ll let everyone else know).


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