Birthday of the Tsundere Queen: Happy Birthday Kugimiya Rie-sama!!!!

Happy Birthday Kugimi!!!

Happy Birthday Kugimi!!!

May 30th, it’s Rie Kugimiya’s birthday; I believe she turns 30 this year. She’s come a long way, I remember the first anime I saw that she was in; I believe it was Rizelmine. Technically it would be Excel Saga, but I never really got into it long enough to see her character. Some may know her for the various boy voices she does like Al in Full Metal Alchemist, but I will always remember her for her tsundere rolls. Ah let’s look back at some of those roles shall we?

Some tsunderes of note

Some tsunderes of note

and one of my favorite Kugimi roles: Yuuhi!!!

and one of my favorite Kugimi roles: Yuuhi!!!

Yeah, for Shana and Louise I’d like to think that Kugimi’s voice had to do with their claim to fame; as for Nagi, it’s like she created with Kugimi’s voice in mind! As for Yuuhi, I think that Kugimiya Rie doing her voice made the character a lot more cuter; probably because I can’t imagine anyone else voicing her, and I’m looking forward to seeing the character again soon in the Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka OVA that’s due out summer!

So let’s wish Kugimiya Rie a happy birthday, and I wish her another successful year voicing tsunderes (I’m sure she’ll voice other types of roles, but I’m sure tsundere will be the majority of the roles)!

PS: I realize this post is like 10 days early, but you know…..my eyes are going bad and I mistook 2 for 3, and it was too late after I clicked “Post” so now I’m just rolling with it.


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