Hinagiku Figurine: A Flat Chest is a Status Symbol!!

Look at those eyes! Hina's asking us to take her home!

Look at those eyes! Hina's asking us to take her home!

Look at the detail of that figurene; that’s the Hinagiku Swimwear Ver. Figurine from Kotobukiya! I realize this figure has been out for quite a while, and while I’ve tried to fight the urge to buy it a certain post has me in awe at the detail and sheer greatness of this figure. So great in fact, the creator of Hayate no Gotoku Kenjiro Hata made a short strip praising the figure. The figure is flat-chested, as is Hina; though I suppose it’s a strength in this case since the details on everything from body lines to the details on her face. It truly is a flat-chested marvel (not in a bad way nor in any way a shot at Hina).

Frontside of the  figure

Frontside of the figure

Comic Strip Kenjiro Hata made praising the figurine

Comic Strip Kenjiro Hata made praising the figurine

Now it’s a great figure, and as summer is quickly approaching, a thought pops into my mind “I should buy this!”. I mean the creator is praising this figure! So if I buy any Hayate no Gotoku figurine it should be one that got the creator to mention it in a comic strip right!?!? Also my birthday is coming up in July, so this can be an early gift (from myself to myself). It’s ok to spoil yourself every now and again! The only problem I can think of is that this will spark (what I like to call) “the If-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie” paradox! If I buy this figurine, I’ll probably want this:

Hina T-shirt! Either I'm blinded by my spend thrifting or this is an awesome shirt!

Hina T-shirt! Either I'm blinded by my spending or this is an awesome shirt!

This shirt caught my eye on  a site where I also found the figurine, granted if I also get the shirt it’ll snowball from there. There’s also the logical side of my brain telling me to think about how I’ll look in public wearing this. Sure you’ll get some praise at an anime con, but in the general public a 25 year old male wearing a shirt with a little girl on it……well I’m sure we all know what kind of looks and reactions that’d get. Well let me know what you think on this; especially the shirt since I find buying it to be a conflict between hobbies and common sense.

Figurine picures from:


Comic Strip from:


and I’m still trying to find out where I found the T-Shirt picture from


2 Responses to “Hinagiku Figurine: A Flat Chest is a Status Symbol!!”

  1. 1 Dancing Queen
    May 27, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    you really should credit james for the pics of Hinagiku as well http://www.exelica-meteor.com/2009/01/22/hinagiku-katsura-swimsuit-version-16-kotobukiya-review/

  2. 2 mangamaxx
    May 27, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    Ah, you’re absolutely right; thanks! I’ve been trying to find where I got that picture from. It was one of those things “where you save a picture, then firefox craps out on you and you forget where you got the picture from” kind of things. Thanks for the heads up! All of the links I got the info/pictures should be updated now; except the shirt because I still can’t find the site I saw it on. If anyone knows, let me know.

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