Kannagi Official English Fan Site Up and Running!

Official English Kannagi Site Open!!!!

Official English Kannagi Site Open!!!!

For those of you who haven’t been checking up on the Kannagi English site; there’s been a few updates! First up, there’s a main page now; Second, there’ll be weekly Thursday updates! As every Thursday passes, the site will be a step closer to completion and hopefully that’ll mean that us English-speaking fans can get some of the goodies that our Japanese brethren have been offered. Namely I’m thinking of a nice membership card as they have in Japan. It’s about time those things made a come back! I hear of all those cool things are grandfathers had like “secret-decoder rings” or “special badges” by being in those little clubs for things like the Lone Ranger or you know the “Merry Marvel Marching Society”. From what I’ve heard at Animenewsnetwork; Aniplex plans to give us some membership cards! Hopefully it won’t be limited numbers, and anyone lucky enough to get one; well let’s hope they’re at least willing to take a few snapshots to show the rest of us what we’re missing. Well this is all early talk; let’s just hope that we can all get one! As the Thursdays roll by, I’ll countdown to when we can start registering on the site.


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