Kannagi Website Update: Videos Added

This week the Kannagi Official fansite added, 2 videos. One is a video of a Nagi cosplay dancing; apparently in the coming weeks, a dance contest will be announced. The other video features the drawing process of sketching Nagi.

So a Kannagi dance contest eh? I can see girls doing it, and I can see guys doing it; though for the guys it’ll either be ridiculously funny, or ridiculously disturbing………… I believe I’ll con a few friends into doing it while I tape them and judge if I can make something doable. For guys, the obvious choice would be to have an effeminate male cosplay as a girl and do it. There’s also the option of cosplaying as Jin, Akiba, and Daitetsu and dancing in a suggestive manner (Kannagi dance, Hard Guy style!). Anyone think they’d enter a Kannagi dance contest, I assume the choreography will be based on Nagi’s moves in the anime opening.


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