Kannagi Promo Video up on Official Fansite

So this week, they put up a Promotional video up on the Official Kannagi fansite. Could this possibly mean that the series will be licensed soon? Hopefully someone good will pick it up; it’s a shame Geneon no longer exists in the US market, but I’m fine with Bandai and Funimation picking it up since they do a good job. Well regardless of who picks it up, if the people who are working on the fansite also work on the localization it should be fine. I mean the Haruhi and Lucky Star localization went great, particularly the extras that went inside the limited editions and I hope we can expect as much from a Kannagi localization.

PS. If you’re wondering why I didn’t put ADV as a licensor I’d want to license Kannagi, it’s because I don’t care for ADV for a few reasons. They’re like the Microsoft of anime licensing to me; sure they do a lot, but there’s no heart. It feels like they have a quantity over quailty business plan, and while it works for others it simply doesn’t work for me. The other bigger reason is because of articles like the ones found here. I’ll let you form your own opinion on it, but as an anime fan  I think ADV’s behavior is unacceptable in this matter.


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