Lucky Star’s Macross Frontier Cosplay Figures!!!


Can’t believe I missed seeing this the first look through! I found this in my July 2009 issue of Comptiq! So apparently they’re going to be coming out with Lucky Star figures that are cosplaying as Macross Frontier characters! I believe the casting is done quite well; we got Miyuki dressed as Sheryl (lol), Kagami as Klan (makes total sense), Konata as Alto (I suppose the look suits her), and Tsukasa as Ranka (a good fit, no other character could be her). Also, while there isn’t a picture, it seems there will also be a VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie (Lucky Star ver.) figure release as well! Can’t wait to see what that is like. I feel like the Kagami/Klan and the Miyuki/Sheryl are a must-have. No idea when these come out, but damn if I’m not excited for them.


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