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Hayate no Gotoku ch. 249: Revelations & Decisions!!! PS Spoilers!

The tension from last chapter is diffused with Isumi fanservice courtesy of Sakuya!

So many things happen in this chapter, and there are some implications into Hayate’s past. First Isumi gives Hayate an ultimatum: Nagi or Athena, who is more important? It like a hard choice, and frankly I can see the story going either way. The real interesting part of the story though comes in this little picture below:

I honestly didn’t think they would bring up the whole “Santa Claus” thing again, and definitely not in this context. It seems Mikado has something to do with Hayate’s fixation with Santa Claus, and it’s implied that he was the Santa Claus Hayate met all those years ago. Unfortunately, it seems that part of the story won’t be delved into any deeper any time soon. For now the big thing on our minds, that we’ll find out next chapter is: Who will Hayate choose, Athena or Nagi?


Site Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but a lot of things have come up for me. I’ve been busy looking for a new job as I got laid off last month, I’ve been applying for unemployment, I’ve been finishing off the last few classes I need to graduate, I’ve been doing some inking for an inking class I’m taking, and I’m coming up with story ideas for M.I.C.C competition. I’m pretty busy, but I’m still working on the site. It’s just I got a lot of little posts partway done. I’m busy on going over Bakemonogatari 13, I’m looking at Seitokai no Ichizon, some updates from some Comptiq and Dengeki Gs magazines, I’ll post up stuff whenever I can; though from now to mid December, it’s gonna be inconsistent. On a seperate note, I’d like to say “Hayate no Gotoku manga: Wow, lots of stuff going on there. It kinda feels like we’re switching from a heartfelt romance to an epic fantasy story. I mean it’s throwing us for a loop here.

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