Fairy Tail Chapter 169

Wow, so we’re in “alternate universes” now in Fairy Tail and we get to see the Fairy Tail we know and love, but the opposite of their usual selves.

Gray wears excess clothes and is in love with Juvia!?

Cana is a proper non-drinking lady!?!??

and perphaps most shocking of all, Lucy is a foul-mouthed badass!!!?!

Is it odd that among all these character changes in this parallel universe, I can only think how Erza is here? For some reason I’m thinking (if not hoping) that she’ll be a gentle, friendly maid-type. Since there seems to be a pattern of opposite behavior, it’s likely that this universe’s Erza is a polite soft-spoken yandere; something like School Days’ Kotonoha. I put up a new poll on this to see how everyone else thinks this universe’s Erza will be like.


2 Responses to “Fairy Tail Chapter 169”

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