It’s late, but here’s some photos from AX 2010……..

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and about 2 months since AX, but since I already had the pictures I figured I would post them up. All I can say is that I’ve been busy looking for a job, finally getting a job, and recently learning how to do my new job. So now that I finally have free time again, here’s some posts!

First of all, here’s a photo of Minami Kuribayashi; I was there for a few of her concerts in the Exhibitor’s Hall and it was awesome! Got her to sign one of the CDs I bought at the Mangagamer booth. She was really nice~!

Here’s a photo of Mell as I’m in line to get her autograph; PS great concert! Got a good seat and the speakers just synchronized with my brain in a wonderful and painful way!

Eri Kitamura at her panel. It was such a great panel! She acted out some lines from her various roles; my favorite part? When she did a Minorin impression!

Yeah, it was pretty good this year; only regret is not being able to go to the May’n concert; I forgot why I didn’t. Was probably in line for something……………… I also wish i brought my regualar camera; I got a Droid recently and I’ve been relying on it for photos. when you see the photos on the phone it looks great, but once I saw them on the computer they looked a little blurry.

Here’s some of the swell stuff that I came out with this year:

Minami Kuribayashi’s “mind Touch” CD autographed by her (I was so happy as she handed the CD back to me with a smile!)

Got my “Proof” CD signed by Mell!

Bought the new d2b CD and had it autographed by Kirari’s singing seiyuu; just wish I remembered to ask her to sign my Kira Kira fanbook. On that note I wasn’t able to get Bamboo to sign the book or the CD either. Well I got Rino to sign my 2 Da Capo CDs! On that note, mangagamer is bringing Kotori Love Ex P to localization!!!! Soon I’ll finally be able to get a Kotori ending! I feel the Keima inside me filling up with “God-Mode” energy!!! This year’s AX was great for anyone who delves in the eroge genre; mangagamer improved on last year’s booth and brought more people and eroge character designers with them. I for one bought tons of sketches!!!

not to mention all the other stuff I bought/got from the mangagamer booth!

Last but not least, I wanted to share some of the autographs I got from Eri Kitamura and Yui Horie ( I got them to sign my Toradora! PSP book)

This was a pretty good AX, and now that I finally got a job after graduating from college hopefully I can afford to go to more anime conventions besides AX!!!


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