Got Valkyria Chronicles II and while it’s good; I’m conflicted….

I got  my copy of Valkyria Chronicles II a few days ago, and I’m like 2 days (3 hours) in. It’s definitely better than I initially thought; they didn’t do anything too radical to the gameplay so it’s still the same gameplay I love essentially. The characters are well, it depends who you are if you like or hate them. I’m still waiting till I finish the game till I make my decision. The big thing on my mind though is the voice acting. I mean, it’s not bad or anything; it’s just as an anime fan of 10+ years, I just prefer my audio Japanese. I’ve been looking online to see if I can just hack Japanese audio onto my memory stick or something, and I’m seeing a few people say that people should just stop bitching over the the whole Japanese audio. I consider myself relatively tolerant of English dubbing; I did start off with it. But as the years have passed and I’ve listened to more Japanese audio I’ve developed more of a preference for Japanese audio to the point that I’m kind of obsessed on the issue now.

At first the English dubbing didn’t bother me, but now on day 4 and reading up on the Japanese Seiyuus in this game; I really want to hear the Japanese audio! I’m begging for some way to play the game with Japanese audio! Is there no solution for the anime fan that prefers his/her audio in Japanese and their written language English!?!?!? There’s little things you get out of Japanese audio. First of all there are some things (granted little things) that are lost in translation. The combination of Japanese audio and English subtitles help fill in those gaps. This post is getting a little too ranty than I intended so I’ll end here.   PS: If someone has a solution to getting Japanese audio onto my Valkyria Chronicles II game other than buying the Japanese ver. please share! So far all I got is petitioning Sega to release the audio as dlc.


1 Response to “Got Valkyria Chronicles II and while it’s good; I’m conflicted….”

  1. 1 r8s89
    September 23, 2010 at 10:35 pm


    although you’d get the english script, its still better than normal.

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