MangaGamer to Experiment with Hard Copies! First on the List is Da Capo!!!!

According to MangaGamer’s blog, they’re finally going to give hard copies a try! MangaGamer will be working with Hendane to make hard copies of D.C. Da Capo, and it’s not just the game either! They’re bundling it together with a Da Capo artbook and OST CD! So far they only have Da Capo planned for a hard release  to test the waters. That’s why I’m imploring all of you to get in on this and show MangGamer that it’s not a mistake to go for hard copies! Heck, I already bought Da Capo as a download and even I plan on buying the hard copy both to show support, and also to get the artbook and CD. It’s an otaku thing, and if you read this blog I’m assuming you know what I’m talking about. That’s not all! If this goes well, there’s also talks of bringing English-translated Limited Editions of Ef and Shuffle to us English speakers!!! So when you see that that pre-order go up, buy it even if you have to sell your blood!!!


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