Kanon Nakagawa’s Album “Birth” [Limited Edition] Review

Kanon Nakagawa’s Album “Birth” (voiced by Toyama Nao) came out a few weeks ago and I finally got my Limited Edition copy. What comes in the Limited Edition that the Regular doesn’t have is:

3 photos of Kanon and a Kanon Fan Club (aptly named Kanon Note) card with your own (I assume) unique member number. I’m No. 002649 apparently and I kinda wonder how many of the Limitied Editions there are. Not pictured is a an Interview CD with Kanon (Toyama Nao) or rather it’s Kanon’s comments on each of the tracks in the album! It’s pretty darn adorable; though I only understand around half of what she’s saying (Gotta put more effort into my Japanese language education!).

01: Date of Birth –  An instrumental Opening arrangement. Sounds nice and very pleasant to listen to.

02: LOVE KANON – The song that played during the Kanon montage in the anime. This is one of the songs I wanted to hear! It’s energetic and very Kanon cute!

03: YES-TODAY – It’s an ok song. It seems like a standard idol song.

04: ALL 4 YOU – The other song from the anime I wanted to hear. It’s everything I expected (in a good way). If you’re a Kanon fan you’ll love it!

05: Uraharabu – It’s got a light feel to it. Personally it gives me the imagery of a sunny Sunday afternoon stroll in a park.

06: Happy Crescent – The song I’ve been listening to a lot since the anime. I’m sure everyone who’s watched the anime is familiar with this one. Very idol-like, and definately Kanon-like.

07: Omoi wa Rain Rain – One of my unexpected favorites. It’s reaaally soothing to listening to. I listed to it before I go to sleep for a good night’s sleep!

08: Love Call – The song Kanon sung before Happy Crescent in the anime. It’s a nice song, but doesn’t have any of the impact the other ones do.

09: Darling Baby – One of my favorites on the album! It really gets me pumped! I find myself waving my arms occasionally like I’m in an idol concert with glowsticks!

10: Birth – Another instrumental. It sounds real nice and it’s got a jolly kinda feel to it.


I gotta say, this album was a great buy to me with no buyer’s remorse at all! Each track is enjoyable and granted some are more enjoyable than others, but overall it’s a pretty solid idol album! I especially love the little touches they made to make the Limited Edition. The fan club card was a nice individual touch to make each fan feel special (If anyone knows if the regular edition comes with the fan club card let me know). They put in a lot of effort to give you the impression that Nakagawa Kanon is real (and for some people I’m sure she may as well be) with the cards, album commentaries, and idol photos. I think Toyama Nao does a terrific job voicing Kanon and I think she has a good voice. She only has a few roles under her belt right now with Kanon being her biggest role thus far, but I think she’ll be getting more popular in the future (at least I hope so). So if you like Toyama Nao or Nakagawa Kanon this album is pretty close to a must have because there isn’t a single negative thing I (or most people) can say about it!


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