Misaka Figma Review

I finally got my Misaka Figma in the mail today! Went through a bit of trouble to get this one, since it’s only sold on Dengeki’s Online store Degekiya.The figma is more or less exactly like the Mikoto Figma save for the accessoreis, different faces, and the modification to the hair so it can house the trademark goggles of “Radio Noise”. I’m really glad to have one of these figmas, especially since there were only 20,000 made. They’ve even included a nice disctinction for each figure via a sticker on the bottom of the stand:

Since I’m still in the middle of learning Japanese I’m not too sure of the meaning other than the fact that the top says Radio Noise (In Katakana with the Kanji underneath it) and I’m fairly certain the Kanji in the lower right corner is a number. If anyone’s willing to translate the meaning of the sticker and the information regarding it on picture below, it would help out a lot.

Now I have some news regarding this that may interest some of you. During my quest to get the figma I’ve purchased it via two sites to ensure I got one since both of them didn’t give me a guarantee that I’d get it. As it turns out I got a figma from both sites so I have 2 Misaka figmas! One’s enough for me and I’d like to get some money back from the other one so I’m selling it. Not sure if eBay is really the best way anymore since they tax you now from what I hear. In any case if anyone is interested in buying the figma let me know. I’d like to sell it for $100 + shipping if possible. I’d like a fellow Misaka fan to give her a good home! If there’s any takers leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you via e-mail. I’m doing this as a last resort before I go onto eBay to sell her. I’m hoping I can do this person to person via PayPal.


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