Rokko Chan, Music, Megaman, Kickstart and You

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I recently was informed of an interesting Mega Man-style game (well style is putting it subtly) called Rokko Chan. It’s a nice flash game that’s pretty much Mega Man and it gets me through the free time of my day at work. This is a beautifully made game that takes a lot of the stuff I love about Mega Man and does it right (with of course different characters). You can try the game out here. I found about the game through a kickstarter for the music of the game. Needless to say, I put in. I don’t really like doing this, but because I really believe in the project and want it to become a reality, I’m asking for anyone reading this to check out the kickstarter page here and give if you can. There’s a lot of good tracks and there’s  a lot of good people involved in the project such Mega Ran,  Metroid Metal, Mutherpluckin’ B, and Asagen to name a few (that I know of). Seriously, if you like game music take a look and give what you can. (I really want that mega man style CD) This post is a little selfish, but the project is really awesome and I whole-heatedly believe in it. So give today! There’s only less than 2 days left as of the date of this post!


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