The site admin, and lover of all maids, and newly blogger mangamaxx here, there’s a little exaggerated self-portrait of myself to the right there, yes. New to the blogging world, but I’ve loved anime consciously since I was 14 and unconsciously since I was 7, I use the word “unconsciously” because I had no idea what exactly anime was till I was 14. If you’re still reading this I assume you’re interested in diving deeper into my origin story! Very well, I shall reward your curiousity!

My story begins with my name.  In highschool I read The Maxx comics and liked the name so I used Maxx(insert random number) as a handle. Once I got to college I sought to create a unique handle for myself. I used “megaman” as the base. replaced “mega” with manga and “man” with maxx and thus I had my name. It was cool for a while till I found that the only other google searched mangamaxx was a European that was associated in hentai circles, well it was on 1 site anyways. This bothered me a little till I discovered hentai games and admitted that I had enough of an interest to accept that “mangamaxx” can also be associated with hentai, that and the other guy disappeared a while later.

Part 2 of my origins! I became obsessed with maids a half-year or year after meeting Jermz. Jermz was quite open in his love of catgirls and it made me envious to have such a niche fetish. It was then that I started paying more attention to what I watched and read in terms of anime and manga. It was then I realized I read and watched lots of maid series, which at the time was Mahoromatic, He is My Master, and random maid hentai mangas and doujinshis. It was after this epiphany I bursted into Jermz’s room and declared my love for maids and made it into my default setting for fetishes!!!(Jermz’ll back me up on this) If there is more inquiry into my biography I shall post more~!

If you ever need to contact me my e-mail is


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