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1/4 of the Way Towards Koihime Voice Patch!!!

1/4 of the way towards some voice service!

We’re almost there folks; we’ll more like a stepping stone towards our goal, but it’s only been about a week since release right? So c’mon if you haven’t bought your copy, get on board and let’s bring voices to all the fans! I bought my copy already, and if I were a richer man I’d buy my friends some copies. If you buy chance are a richer person, by all means buy your friends a copy of Koihime!! It’s not a weird gift at all! In fact depending on the type of anime/game fan they are, it may well in fact be the perfect gift!


Koihime Musō Finally Up for Download on MangaGamer!!

Game’s finally out, and so far they say sales is 50% more of what Shuffle! did. Also if you buy the game, you’re automatically entered into a drawing to win the DVD set of the Koihime anime! So there’s another reason to purchase, but the biggest is that with enough purchases they will release a voice patch so we can get the Japanese voices for the game! So come on people, let’s support this game!! Who doesn’t want to hear Norio Wakamoto voice some macho wearing a creepy thong?


Rallying Support for Koihime Musō Release!!! Koihime Fans Unite!!!

If any of you have read mangagamer’s blog, then you know that sadly they’ll be releasing Koihime Musō without voices. They give valid reasons why they need to do this; with the amount of voice talent in the game, it’ll cost quite a bit to use those voices (for one Norio Wakamoto is one of the big seiyuus in the game). They are making it up to us though by dropping the price of the game. Here’s the part I need everyone’s help with: If the game sells well enough, they’ll release a patch with the voices!!!! So I’m begging any galge, eroge, and of course Koihime fans! United we can get to hear Aisha and Sei’ ero voices!!! Can I count on you people out there to support Koihime with me!?!?! Now’s the time to start saving up!!!!


Koihime Musou OVA

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