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Garage Kits! Part 1 of 3

Merle from Escaflowne

Merle from Escaflowne

Most figures that are mass produced by Japanese companies such as Kotobukiya, were created by individual sculptors who became known by selling their own small-scale production figures made from resin. Individual parts are cast in resin and are expected to be painted and assembled by the purchaser to save on costs from manufacturing. Since these kits could be made from negative molds of the original and an easily obtainable material, resin, many of these kits could literally be produced from your garage. That’s why they are called, “Garage Kits.” But don’t be dissuaded from trying to build one because of the humble name or not knowing where to begin. In the following posts, you’ll find out exactly what you need to know about building, painting and displaying your garage kit. You’ll soon discover the high quality of these often overlooked figures.

Where can you find a garage kit?

I haven’t painted kits in a long time and when I tried looking for them several years ago, the ones I wanted were really hard to find. The single largest source for new kits is a semi-annual convention in Japan called, Wonderfest. But for the people who couldn’t go to these places, (like me), it was a great source of frustration because many of these kits were only sold at the convention or sold out due to the popularity of the convention. I browsed Japanese sites, eBay and all sorts of small-time website vendors to find crappy re-casts of the originals or poor service. Now that the popularity of anime figures and garage kits has increased, you will have a much easier time finding kits at quality vendors.

Today, I make it easy on myself and I don’t hunt around for kits since there are so many. I just go to either Hobby Fan or (even better) to e2046. Both provide excellent service and will replace broken parts if you are unable to repair them yourself. I’m pretty sure that both will re-cast originals, but when they do, they are very high quality in both material and manufacture. Just a quick note on what’s “original” and what’s a “re-cast.” The original casts were produced in limited number by either the creator or by the manufacturer that the creator contracted. These kits were made from negatives of the original model sculpted by the creator and will retain all of the details from the original. Re-casts are made by making new negatives from an original kit (not the original sculpted model) and re-casting them to sell. The original creator may not benefit directly from this sale, but originals outside of Japan are truly rare.

That’s all I’m going to write for now. The next section will be about everything you will need to put them together and paint them. Happy Hunting!

Thank you e2046 for the pictures!
You can find Merle here.
Merle in pieces

Merle’s un-assembled parts


Catgirl Counters!

Catgirl 1 Catgirl 2 Catgirl 3 Catgirl 4 Catgirl 5 Catgirl 6 Catgirl 7 Catgirl 8 Catgirl 9

Catgirl 0

h, I didn’t mean to leave out zero!

I found these while browsing an interesting site that has a huge collection of high quality images. However, I must warn you that there is no distinction between whether a picture is suitable for all ages or only suitable for sexual education diagrams for perverted alien tentacle monsters.

Please do not visit this site if you are a minor! Here it is, Nekobooru. I suggest searching for Nekomimi or Catgirl, but that’s just me.


Sairenji Haruna Animal Cafe Version

Sairenji Front View

Romanji Name: Sairenji Haruna (Animal Cafe Version)
Japanese name:
Scale: 1/8
Manufactured by: Shuesha Solid Selection
Produced by: Kotobukiya
Release Date: September 24, 2008

This is a cute character from the anime To-Loveる (which I haven’t seen, sorry). You might wonder why I like this one and not the Kannagi Nagi chacater because they both seem to have a boring pose. Well, this works well. The coy facial expression matches with the posture of the body while the Kannagi Nagi doesn’t seem to have any identifiable expression except a dumb smile. Also, for some reason, the flexing of the wrists makes her seem more cat-like, which adds to the charm. Despite the points this one earned for posture, it loses some on painting. The painting is absolutely flat without any depth at all.

This figure also has some features that I didn’t quite expect. First, the bell on her collar is a real bell that will ring if moved. Second, the ears are magnetic, so if for some reason, you didn’t want her to be a catgirl, you could remove them without having to worry about glue marks or scratches in the paint. But if you remove the ears, she still has a tail, right? Well, the tail is attached to the skirt, but if you wanted to you could just remove the skirt and heck, you could remove the top while you’re at it. For those of you with virgin eyes, you need not worry. She still is wearing somewhat of an undergarment that cannot be removed (and no, I did not attempt to try, it’s painted on)

I ordered mine on Hobby Search, but it can also be found at Hobby Fan.

Sairenji Back View


Kannagi Nagi

Kannagi Nagi

Romanji Name: Kannagi Nagi
Japanese name: 巫 なぎ
Scale: 1/7
Manufactured by: Kotobukiya
Release Date: March 3, 2009

This is a good example of how things usually happen when a new Japanese item is available for pre-order. If you wait a few days or weeks (depending on the demand) it will sell out long before it’s made. At least that’s the case with CDJapan. If I were to be absolutely critical on this one, I would say that the face has a very mundane expression and the pose is not very interesting. If it weren’t for the fact that she was a catgirl, I wouldn’t even be mentioning this figure at all.

You can find this figure at CDJapan but the pre-orders are closed for this figure. Hobby Fan is taking pre-orders and expects them to arrive one month later than the posted release date. (Much more realistic)


CapcoManiax 2: Felicia

Felicia Square
Romanji Name: CapcoManiax 2: Felicia (Excellent Model Series)
Japanese name: フエリシア カプコマニアシクス2
Scale: 1/8
Manufactured by: Mega House
Release Date: September 28, 2008

At first glance, I was impressed by the overall composition of the figure. Not many figures are actually a part of a scene and this one is in a very dynamic pose. The painting for the skin tones is flat, but the shading on the hair and fur is more dramatic with a higher than usual contrast ratio between the base color and shadows. The eyes are well rendered with three tones of green a white highlight and hair thin details. I have always thought that the coolest physical feature on this character was her hair and this is the only production model to have the hair appear to flow free and wild. The rest of her features are greatly exaggerated, such as the extra large hands, feet, ears and all else, but this figure was meant to be dynamic and over-the-top so this style of caricature is well-suited to the composition. Most of the seams on this figure are invisible except for the thumb and pinky finger on the extended hand. Apparently, those had to be cast separate from the arm/hand and there is a distinct line where those fingers are joined. Overall, this is a great piece and is rather nice to look at.

I bought mine at Hobby Search. At the time that this post was written, it was sold out at Hobby Fan but they were planning on restocking.

Felicia Side View

Felicia Side View


Nekomiya Nono 1/6 figure from Kotobukiya

Nekomiya Nono 1/6
Romanji Name: Nekomiya Nono
Japanese name: 猫宮のの
Scale: 1/6
Manufactured by: Kotobukiya
Sculpted by: Masato Abe
Release Date: October 31, 2008

This is Jermz and from this point on, I’ll be covering everything that I find about catgirl related items and events. So to start things off, I’m going to say a few things about Kotobukiya’s latest release of a catgirl figure, Nekomiya nono. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Japanese figures, Kotobukiya is one of the largest companies in the business and consistently produces high-quality figures at a reasonable price. This particular one sculpted by Masato Abe, is rather well-done. The painting is fairly flat with few subtle highlights on the tips of the ears and hair and shadows rendered at the ends of the hair and on the stockings to give it an anime-style appearance. However, the folds of the stretched swimsuit and wrinkles on the stockings are very realistic. The pose is adorable and unlike several figures that I’ve seen that were inspired by 2d drawings, this one doesn’t rely on being view from one direction. The tilt of the head, slight twist to the hips and the wrap around tail provide several different viewable angles other than the straight ahead view. As far as manufacturing quality, the seem-marks are mostly invisible with the exception of the tail and top of the head, but they are more than tolerable since they are difficult to see. If you’re interested in this figure you can still purchase them from Hobby Fan.

There are tons of catgirl figures that have been released and several more that are being planned for release, so if I have more time, be on the lookout for more catgirl news.

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