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MangaGamer to Experiment with Hard Copies! First on the List is Da Capo!!!!

According to MangaGamer’s blog, they’re finally going to give hard copies a try! MangaGamer will be working with Hendane to make hard copies of D.C. Da Capo, and it’s not just the game either! They’re bundling it together with a Da Capo artbook and OST CD! So far they only have Da Capo planned for a hard release  to test the waters. That’s why I’m imploring all of you to get in on this and show MangGamer that it’s not a mistake to go for hard copies! Heck, I already bought Da Capo as a download and even I plan on buying the hard copy both to show support, and also to get the artbook and CD. It’s an otaku thing, and if you read this blog I’m assuming you know what I’m talking about. That’s not all! If this goes well, there’s also talks of bringing English-translated Limited Editions of Ef and Shuffle to us English speakers!!! So when you see that that pre-order go up, buy it even if you have to sell your blood!!!


Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Contest Results!!!


This is a little late, but THE VOTES ARE IN!!!!

Oh yeah!!! 1st place is Shinsuke Komaki!!! For my fellow voters who voted for Komaki, the victory is ours!!! The other designs were good too, but there was just something about Komaki’s design that gave me a “heroine” vibe. My second choice would’ve been Tatsuya Yoshikawa’s since it looks exciting. Third would’ve been Toru Nakayama because it looks cute.


Megaman Legends 3 – Vote for the Heroine! Polls Close Tonight!!!

Capcom’s little contest where we fans vote on the design for the heroine of Megaman Legends 3 comes to a close tonight October 25, 2010!!!! For those who haven’t voted, you have till 11:59PM PST to get your votes in!

For the record the 2 main candidates are:

Sensei Haruki Suetsugu's design

Shinsuke Komaki's design

I voted for Shinsuke Komaki’s design as I found it the cutest one. Last I checked it was Sensei Haruki Suetsugu at 26% and Shinsuke Komaki at 22% of the votes! One of these 2 candidates will become the heroine for Megaman Legends 3, as the other candidates wouldn’t win unless a landslide of votes happen in the next 10 or so hours. In either case, if you want to seal Sensei Haruki Suetsugu’s victory or help Shinsuke Komaki with a comeback victory you have till 11:59PM PST to get your votes in!!!


Rallying Support for Koihime Musō Release!!! Koihime Fans Unite!!!

If any of you have read mangagamer’s blog, then you know that sadly they’ll be releasing Koihime Musō without voices. They give valid reasons why they need to do this; with the amount of voice talent in the game, it’ll cost quite a bit to use those voices (for one Norio Wakamoto is one of the big seiyuus in the game). They are making it up to us though by dropping the price of the game. Here’s the part I need everyone’s help with: If the game sells well enough, they’ll release a patch with the voices!!!! So I’m begging any galge, eroge, and of course Koihime fans! United we can get to hear Aisha and Sei’ ero voices!!! Can I count on you people out there to support Koihime with me!?!?! Now’s the time to start saving up!!!!


Wish I Was Going to C76!!

Was just checked out one of my favorite doujinshi circles Happy Water (NSFW) , and after a long absence of updates they’ve shown some of their plans for Comiket 76! I’m eyeing their bag with the Asuka and Mari on it, and I’d like to pick up a hard copy of their Koi+Hime doujinshi. Maybe if I’m lucky and earn a few extra bucks, I’ll be able to find a bag at a doujinshi booth at AX next year (I’m sure those of you who have been knows what booth I’m talking about).

Think what you will, but it's a nice bag!

Think what you will, but it's a nice bag!


Kannagi’s Official Fansite’s Latest Announcement is American Distribution as Expected


Well the latest announcement on Kannagi’s official fansite came after 2 weeks of waiting. As expected, the announcement was that Kannagi was now licensed in North America and will be distributed by Bandai Entertainment. The entire series will be released in 2 volumes, and if you order both volumes from Amazon or Right Stuff you’ll get a Kannagi T-Shirt. In addition, the first 7 episodes of the series will be streamed on Animenewsnetwork, and the remainder of the series will be released around the time of release of the 2nd volume. This was a predictable announcement and I’m happy to be getting a Kannagi shirt with my DVD, but I’m still hoping for a membership card. It may seem like a small thing, but the sentimental value of a membership card for a club is nostalgic and has great sentimental value (or so I believe). Maybe if a lot of people order a DVD that’ll happen…………


Kannagi Official English Fan Site Up and Running!

Official English Kannagi Site Open!!!!

Official English Kannagi Site Open!!!!

For those of you who haven’t been checking up on the Kannagi English site; there’s been a few updates! First up, there’s a main page now; Second, there’ll be weekly Thursday updates! As every Thursday passes, the site will be a step closer to completion and hopefully that’ll mean that us English-speaking fans can get some of the goodies that our Japanese brethren have been offered. Namely I’m thinking of a nice membership card as they have in Japan. It’s about time those things made a come back! I hear of all those cool things are grandfathers had like “secret-decoder rings” or “special badges” by being in those little clubs for things like the Lone Ranger or you know the “Merry Marvel Marching Society”. From what I’ve heard at Animenewsnetwork; Aniplex plans to give us some membership cards! Hopefully it won’t be limited numbers, and anyone lucky enough to get one; well let’s hope they’re at least willing to take a few snapshots to show the rest of us what we’re missing. Well this is all early talk; let’s just hope that we can all get one! As the Thursdays roll by, I’ll countdown to when we can start registering on the site.

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